Notes & Images from the Field

Fieldwork is an integral aspect of research in the Hedin lab – almost everything that we discover is somehow connected to efforts in the field. 

Here are digital copies of Hedin lab fieldnotes.   The key to a blissful existence is buried within, but beware, not all field identifications are 100% accurate….

1995_1996 PDF

1996_1998 PDF

1998_2001 PDF

2001_2003 PDF

2003_2006 PDF

Images from fieldwork from the past few years can be found on my Flickr page. Image highlights from “back in the day” can be found below….

Western Dunes – from trips taken in the Western US. Many of the images come from trips taken with Michael Lowder, collecting jumping spiders on sandy substrates.

Atypoides 2002 – collecting trip in northern CA, searching for Atypoides for Jim Starret’s undergraduate project. Steve Lew and Pierre Paquin helping us.

Baja 2002 – trip with Sarah Crews and Pierre Paquin, Springbreak 2002, collecting Homalonychus for Sarah’s MS research.

Baja 2004 – collecting naucorids for Maggie Reinbold’s MS thesis work. Carlos Flores from UABC Ensenada was helping in this effort. We tagged along with herpetologists from the San Diego Natural History Museum, SDSU, and UABC Ensenada.

Appalachians 2004 – a trip funded by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. Our goal was to learn more about several species of rare Nesticus found in the mountains of western North Carolina and eastern Tennessee. The collecting crew included Steven Thomas, Robin Keith, Jim Starrett & Lars Hedin.

Spring Break 2005 – collecting Habronattus tarsalis as part of Steve Foldi’s MS research. The collecting crew included Steven Thomas, Robin Keith, Joe Deas, Jose Macias, Steve Foldi, Gwylim Blackburn & Marshal Hedin.

Appalachians 2005 – a trip focusing on laniatorean Opiliones, although we also collected Nesticus, Hypochilus, Liocranoides, Sabacon, and other cool stuff!!! The collecting crew included Steven Thomas, Robin Keith, Jim Starrett, Lars Hedin & Dalton Hedin. We visited with Fred Coyle, Patrick & Helene, and Steve Perlaky.

nor CAL 2006 – collecting various arachnids in northern California, including laniatorean opilions, Pimus, and Atypoides, for Steven, Robin, and Jim, respectively. Trip members included Steven Thomas, Robin Keith, Marshal Hedin, Jim Starrett, Shahan Derkarabetian, Maureen McCormack and Dru Marxen. Photos taken by Hedin, Keith, Derkarabetian and McCormack. Special thanks to Dan Snyder, who took us into a very nice cave

Sclerobunus 2006 – a July 2006 trip to the “sky island” mountains of Arizona and New Mexico, collecting Sclerobunus robustus (sclerobunine opilions) for Shahan’s MS thesis research. Trip members included Steven Thomas, Marshal Hedin, Shahan Derkarabetian and Joe Deas, Jr.

Spring Break 2007 – collecting Pimus, Atypoides, Calisoga, and various other arachnids in northern CA, mostly west of the Great Central Valley. The collecting crew included Steven Thomas, Robin Keith, Jim Starrett, Dean Leavitt & Marshal Hedin

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