Former Lab Members

PostdocsMercedes Burns, Pierre Paquin, Cor Vink, Axel Schoenhofer, Jim Starrett

PhD Students – Shahan Derkarabetian, Casey Richart, Tierney Bougie

MS Students – Brendan Boyer, Allan Cabrero, Dave Carlson, Erik Ciaccio, Sarah Crews, Shahan Derkarabetian, Angela DiDomenico, Kristen Emata, Steve Foldi, Leslie Johnson, Michael Lowder, Maureen McCormack, Krista Mendelsohn, Maggie Reinbold, Casey Richart, Jordan Satler, Steven Thomas, Victoria Rayno

A sample of excellent publications resulting from stellar SDSU MS thesis research:

Ciaccio *E, A Debray, M Hedin. 2022. Phylogenomics of paleoendemic lampshade spiders (Araneae, Hypochilidae, Hypochilus), with the description of a new species from montane California. Zookeys, In Press.

Hedin M, *S Foldi, *B Rajah-Boyer. 2020. Evolutionary divergences mirror Pleistocene paleodrainages in a rapidly-evolving complex of oasis-dwelling jumping spiders (Salticidae, Habronattus tarsalis). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 144, 106696.

*Carlson DE, M Hedin.. 2017. Comparative transcriptomics of Entelegyne spiders (Araneae, Entelegynae), with emphasis on molecular evolution of orphan genes. PLOS One, 12 (4), e0174102.

Hedin M, *M McCormack. 2017. Biogeographic evidence for common vicariance and rare dispersal in a southern Appalachian harvestman (Sabaconidae, Sabacon cavicolens). Journal of Biogeography 44(7), 1655-1678.

*DiDomenico A, M Hedin. 2016. New species in the Sitalcina sura species group (Opiliones, Laniatores, Phalangodidae), with evidence for a biogeographic link between California desert canyons and Arizona sky islands. Zookeys 586: 1–36, doi: 10.3897/zookeys.586.7832.

*Emata KE, M Hedin. 2016. From the mountains to the coast and back again: Ancient biogeography in a radiation of short-range endemic harvestmen from California. Molecular Phylogenetics & Evolution 98: 233-243.

*Richart CH, M Hedin. 2013. Three new species in the harvestmen genus Acuclavella (Opiliones, Dyspnoi, Ischyropsalidoidea), including description of male Acuclavella quattuor (Shear 1986). Zookeys 311, 19-68.

*Satler JD, BC Carstens, M Hedin. 2013. Multilocus species delimitation in a complex of morphologically conserved trapdoor spiders (Mygalomorphae, Antrodiaetidae, Aliatypus). Systematic Biology 62, 805–823.

*Derkarabetian S, J Ledford, M Hedin. 2011. Genetic diversification without obvious genitalic morphological divergence in harvestmen (Opiliones, Laniatores, Sclerobunus robustus) from montane sky islands of western North America. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 61, 844-853.

Hedin M, *S Thomas. 2010. Molecular systematics of eastern North American Phalangodidae (Arachnida: Opiliones: Laniatores), demonstrating convergent morphological evolution in caves. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 54, 107-121.27.

Hedin M, *M Lowder. 2009. Phylogeography of the Habronattus amicus species complex (Araneae: Salticidae) of western North America, with evidence for localized asymmetrical mitochondrial introgression. Zootaxa 2307, 39-60.26.

*Crews SC, M Hedin. 2006. Studies of morphological and molecular phylogenetic divergence in spiders (Araneae: Homalonychus) from the American southwest, including divergence along the Baja California Peninsula. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 38, 470-487.

Special Awards to SDSU Undergraduate Students:

Joe Deas, Jr. – Summer 2005 M.O.R.E. (Minority Opportunities for Research on Evolution) Fellowship

Steven Thomas – 2004 Undergraduate Fellowship in Karst Studies

Jim Starrett – Summer 2004 NSF REU Fellowship

Daniel Sitzman – 2011 STEM Fellowship, 2011 Summer Research Internship

Dave Carlson – 2011 American Arachnological Society Travel Award

Erika Garcia – 2010 McNair Scholar, 2011-2012 SSTEM Scholar, 2012 NIGMS Scholar, 2012 CAS Summer Systematics Institute, 2013 Stan Beck Fellowship

Allan Cabrero – 2014 Summer Smithsonian Internship, 2014 CAS Summer Systematics Institute (declined)

Stephanie Castillo –2015 CAS Summer Systematics Institute, 2016 Summer Smithsonian Internship, 2015 NIH Initiative for Maximizing Student Development Scholar, 2015 SICB Annual Meeting Charlotte Mangum Student Support Program

Karina Silvestre – 2016 SDSU Bridges to Baccalaureate (NIH Sponsored Internship), 2019 SDSU Student Research Symposium

AssociatesDustin Wood, Dean Leavitt

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