Current Lab Members

Dr Marshal Hedin (arachnid diversity & evolution)
Dr. Guilherme Azevedo – Postdoctoral Associate (Habronattus phylogenomics and population genomics)
Dr. Rodrigo Monjaraz Ruedas – Postdoctoral Associate (California mygalomorph spatial phylogenetics)
Tierney Bougie – PhD student (introgression and hybrid zones in the Habronattus americanus group)
Sean Kelly – PhD student (Habronattus character evolution)
VRayno-MonoLake copy
Victoria Rayno – MS Student (substrate matching in Habronattus amicus group)
Leslie Johnson – MS student (introgression along a riparian corridor in the Habronattus tarsalis complex)
Ben Brenner-Gibson – MS student (trapdoor spider species delimitation)

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