New Hedin Lab Page!

Dave Carlson accepts his award!!

Welcome to the new and improved Hedin Lab webpage!!  Here you can learn about who we are and what we do.  Hopefully we can keep this page fairly dynamic and updated – please stay tuned for recent news and accomplishments!

Summer 2011 News – Seven members of the Hedin lab traveled to Portland, OR to attend the 2011 American Arachnological Society Meetings.  Absolutely fantastic meetings in all respects!!

Three of us gave talks, two of us presented posters.  Dave Carlson took home first place in the Student Poster Award.  Nice work Dave!!

Axel, Casey, Kristen, Marshal, Erika, Jordan, Dave & Shahan

About marshalhedin

University Professor, teaching college students about biological diversity & evolution, conducting original research in the realm of arachnid systematics
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2 Responses to New Hedin Lab Page!

  1. I really dig the new webpage…and had a blast meeting all of you in Portland!
    Congrats to Marshal and Dave for the new trapdoor spider and best of luck to Jordan!!



  2. marshalhedin says:

    Thanks Matt! Pleasure to meet you as well!! Please check back here often – I hope to be “blogging” regularly….. – Marshal

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