Lab Members visit California Academy of Sciences

Former postdoc in the lab, Dr. Axel Schoenhofer, spearheaded a very nice research experience for several Hedin lab members this past summer.  Axel wrote a Mini-ARTS grant, which is a small research award offered by the Society of Systematic Biologists. These awards are “designed to allow SSB members (students, post-docs, and faculty) to spend a summer or semester apprenticed to an expert in a particular taxonomic group or to enhance revisionary taxonomic and systematics research in novel ways.”  So….Axel, two of my MS students (Angela & Kristen), and SDSU undergrad Erika Garcia traveled to the California Academy of Sciences to learn more about phalangodid harvestmen taxonomy and morphology from the world’s expert in this realm, Darrell Ubick.

front row, from left: Charles Griswold, Axel, Kristen, Angela, Darrell Ubick, Tom Briggs, not sure; back row: not sure, Erika, Tracy

As expected, everyone had a wonderful time and learned a great deal.  Huge thanks to the SSB for funding this experience, to Darrell and everyone at the CAS for the tremendous training experience, and to Axel for coordinating the entire effort.  We miss you Axel, please come back!!

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University Professor, teaching college students about biological diversity & evolution, conducting original research in the realm of arachnid systematics
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2 Responses to Lab Members visit California Academy of Sciences

  1. Robin Keith says:

    Come back Axel!

  2. Nick Mason says:

    Looks like fun! Hope all is well in the Hedin lab!

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