American Arachnological Society Meetings 2013

Just returned from a very nice & successful AAS meetings.  The venue (East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, TN) was excellent, with a real Appalachian flavor.  We were able to spend a bit of time collecting in the area, finding Hypochilus, Fumontana, Sabacon, Theromaster, Bishopella, etc.  Something about the smell of Appalachian soil on my hands that I love….

photoStudents from the Hedin lab performed admirably.  Angela gave a nice talk about Sitalcina species delimitation, Erika presented her California Academy of Sciences SSI research with Dr. Charles Griswold, and Casey talked about Ischryopsalidoid phylogenomics. With considerable impressive competition, Casey was able to win the prize for Best Student Oral Presentation …. really nice talk Casey!   I gave a talk about Microhexura montivaga phylogeography, with co-author Frederick Coyle.  Really nice data, mediocre talk ….


Jordan Satler, Marshal Hedin, Casey Richart, Angela DiDomenico, Erika Garcia


About marshalhedin

University Professor, teaching college students about biological diversity & evolution, conducting original research in the realm of arachnid systematics
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2 Responses to American Arachnological Society Meetings 2013

  1. Coyle Fred says:


    Congrats to you and your students! Awesome photos of spiders and opilionids, as usual!!

    Things are back to normal here after a fun visit with my kids and grandkids.

    Best, Fred

  2. pileated says:

    Thanks Marshal! Though …your talk was awesome.

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